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Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
Purchase your Voice Logging Recorder and Accessories with payment via credit card 
Net-30-Day terms to well rated firms and Government agencies. Payment can be made via credit card, check, or wire transfer.
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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


Economical solutions to record  your telephone lines, phone sets, two-way  radios, etc.
 Available from local communications equipment suppliers and direct from Omnicron.
Analog and Digital  1 to 92+ Channels  from $265 to $38,692

NEW � 4 th Generation TOTAL RECALL V9.15 

NEW � Total Recall LinX Omnia


bullet Total Recall Recorder - Desktop Voice Logging recorder securely documents phone and 2-way radio conversationsOmnicron recorders provide you with a sensible solutions to your telephone, 2-way radio, supervisory, and room recording needs. This web site provides information on the most popular recorders and accessories. 
bulletEliminate "he said, she said" disputes. Omnicron products documentTeleCorder 2 or 4 channels - internal player + USB access to record telephone and two-way conversations in call centers, public safety, and general busines applications who said what and when. Let us help select a recorder to meet your exact requirements.
          Don't be confused by the great diversity of our products. If you have any UpCorder, 2 or 4 channels, up to 16 channels with one PC when recording phone lines, radio calls, and other verbal conversationsquestions, or need help in selecting a recorder best suited to your application, LET US HELP � Phone, Email, Fax, or stop-in at our Connecticut location.
bullet SINCE 1975 Recorders from Omnicron have been used worldwide to provide back-up recordings for Public Safety, Security, Financial Institutions, Call Centers, Aviation, etc.  Compact and economical, multi-channel digital voice recorders from $265 to $38,692. 
bullet Total Recall MAX recorder records from ISPN, PRI, VOIP, and Analog conversation channels securely documenting all conversations.The recorders and accessories are designed to meet most voice recording applications. All recorded conversations may be immediately reviewed, and are stored for future reference. Alarms prevent operator error. Time, Date and other recorded data provide you with all the facts about every recording. Total Recall TeleCorder UpCorder VLR.
bullet Accessories for Omnicron Voice Logging Recorder applications - Phone to PC CouplerComputer accessoriesAdapters and cable assemblies are available to connect computer sound cards and other audio monitoring and voice recorder products to telephone and two-way radio equipment.
bullet Most orders ship the same day via UPS, FedEx, or USPSMost orders received prior to 3:00 PM EST ship the same day.  No minimum order.

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                          Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations.   
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