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Total Recall
4 to 72 channels
2 or 4 channels
2 or 4 channels/PC
Total Recall MAX
10 to 92+ channels

Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975

4 to 16 Channel Total Recall Digital Call recorder
Totally self-contained, compact, affordable, easy to install, operate, maintain, upgrade, and purchase.


Total Recall  from Omnicron is a compact multi-channel voice logging recorder with built-in display and simple navigation keys. You can listen to monitored conversations live, replay them from the internal hard drive that holds 1600+ hours of conversations, and archive all or selected conversations to inexpensive compact disks with the touch of a few simple buttons — over 180 hours on an inexpensive CD (20 cents to $1.00).
Play the archival CDs in the unit or use the supplied Remote Recall software to play them on your personal computer. Search for conversations by time, date, extension or line number, caller ID, DTMF data, etc. There is a serial port that lets you transfer information (text) about the recordings to a spreadsheet or database. Using the supplied serial cable you can control Total Recall from your computer - playback, search, monitor calls as they are being recorded, etc.
Expandable from 4, to 8, 12, or 16 channels. Each channel has an RJ11 jack for direct connection to either a phone line, analog phone extension, telephone handset (analog or digital phone), two-way radio, broadcast audio source, room monitoring microphone, etc.
Additional features include: password security (User & Admin.), recording beep option, WAV compatible recordings with text file headers, call tagging, voice-activation (VOX), graphical view of channel activity, monitor and replay using internal speaker or head-phones.
Total Recall
recorders from Omnicron are available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 channel packages. They include: Remote Recall PC software, Serial cable—2 meters - RJ45 to DB9-F, Power Cord, Manual, 12 Month Limited Warranty.
Contact your Omnicron representative for assistance in selecting the proper cables or adapters for your application. Voice Loggers have been our specialty since 1975.

Can YOU recall everything that was said
on the phone today ?


There are millions of people all over the world on the telephone right now. Many are just talking, but some are seeking legal advice, requesting emergency services, arranging finance, doing deals and making promises.

Do you ever wish you could replay those “lost conversations”, recall the details of a financial agreement, to confirm ‘who said what’ in an emergency call, or check the details of a dispute.  

How can you be sure exactly what was said !

Total Recall is a Voice Logger, an invaluable tool for everyone who regularly does business by telephone, or where radio communications are frequently used.

Combining simplicity of use and 1600+ hours of online storage into a compact, self-contained unit.

Total Recall is easy to configure and operate, using intuitive navigation via 3 user menus, and touch responsive keypads for selecting or confirming an instruction.

There are three user selectable menus:

1.      LOGGING - current Logger activity and Live Monitoring of active channels.

2.      SEARCH – search the database for the recording you want, and playback.

3.   OPTIONS control system parameters — set language, date & time, passwords, set line triggering mode, enable call monitoring, enable beep tone, set archive reminder and auto archive, set maximum call length, set voice-activation timeout, set recording period, install system software upgrades, rebuild call database, set recorder ID, and system shut down.

Navigation keys consist of:

1.      MENU – this key is used to toggle through the three user menus.

2.      SELECT – this key is used to select an option, or toggle through a list of options.

3.      UP /DOWN ARROW – these 2 keys move the highlight bar up or down the selected menu.

Total Recall

Automatic Recording of ALL Calls - Total Recall will automatically capture and securely record all phone or radio conversations which can be recalled whenever verification is required. Total Recall can also be used as a training and evaluation tool for staff who regularly conduct business with customers by phone.

Large Capacity Database - if a dispute or emergency arises, you can recall relevant recordings from the Total Recall.

Compact Desktop Unit – comprises 4,8,12 or 16 analog channels in a single desktop unit.

No software installation or external hardware is required.

Multiple Recording Inputs - Total Recall

It’s also possible to ‘live monitor’ on a channel selective basis.

Replay Options - selected recordings can be replayed via an internal speaker, an external speaker or headphones. For replay on a PC, install the Remote Recall.

Archive for Security - recordings that need to be retained for longer periods can be selectively archived to an internal CD-R and kept indefinitely.

User Definable Options – recording can be set to VOX (Voice Activation), and a beep-tone is selective by channel. Administrative and User password security ensures complete management control of the Voice Logger. Software updates are field upgradeable.  


Number of Channels: 
4, 8, 12 or 16.  
          Upgradeable to a maximum of 16 channels.  
Security:  Password required to operate all menus
Coding Method:
8kbps High Quality Vector Quantisation providing over 1600+ hours on-line database of recordings.
Line Impedance:
(Aus + USA)   6 K Ohm
(NZ)               12 K Ohm
(EUR)             67 K Ohm
Line Impedance:
(Aus /NZ/Europe)    1M Ohm
(USA)                     10M Ohm
Frequency Response: 300-3400 Hz,  +/- 0.5dBm
Signal to Noise: -34dBm
Cross-talk: -60dBm.
Record (PIP) Tone:
1.4kHz.  Channel and Level selectable
(Off, -33dBm, -27dBm, -21dBm)
Recording Triggers:
Off-Hook or VOX (adjustable), 
VOX Hi, -12dBm,  Mid, -23dBm,  Low, -29dBm
Internal Storage: Hard Drive.
CD Drive: 650 M Bytes IDE, uses CD Media for Archive
Display:  110 mm x 95-mm Graphics mode backlit LCD
90VAC - 250VAC, 50Hz - 60Hz 
Max Line Voltage:
Max Tip to Ring Voltage DC 250VDC
Max Tip to Ring Voltage AC 150V rms
Max Tip to Ground Voltage DC 1500VDC
Max Tip to Ground Voltage AC 1000V rms
Analogue Ports:
4  * RJ11C/RJ12 (PSTN) line interface ports (4 ch DSP)
4  *RJ-14 2-line jacks with 8 ch DSP audio input card.
Line Out Jack (3.5mm stereo phono)
Headphones (3.5mm stereo phono)
Serial Interface:
(RJ45 connector), serial line interface, RS-232
57Kbps, Hardware Handshake
Client Software:  Remote Recall (Windows 95/98/NT/XP), (inclusive) 
System Software: Field upgradeable via CD Media
Operating System:  OS/2 Warp 4 (IBM)
Size and Weight: 360 x 360 x 100(mm).  6Kg net

Specifications subject to change without notice



                             Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations. 
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