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Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
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'The innovative voice logging solution'



Total Recall is a compact, cost-effective and self-contained voice-logging unit, providing secure recording, storage and playback of telephone calls (or any audio signal).  Over 1600 hours of recordings can be stored on an internal database for instant retrieval and playback.

Available as a 4, 8, 12 or 16 channel unit, Total Recall will record the telephone numbers of incoming (if Caller Line Identification [Caller ID] is enabled at the exchange) and outgoing calls, and store this information in a database, together with a time/date stamp, the duration of the call and reference to the specific channel number.  All these 'fields' can be used to search and retrieve calls from the database.

Recordings can also be archived to an internal Archive (CD-R) drive at preset intervals.  Should you need to record more than 16 physical connections (telephone/radio) multiple Total Recall units can be installed.

Once a call has been located and retrieved from the Total Recall database, the call can be replayed via an internal or external speaker, or for privacy, via a headphone port.  A ‘Live Monitoring’ function enables the real-time monitoring of calls on selected channels.

Remote Recall’ reads from an Archived CD and converts recordings for play on a PC.  It also enables the transfer of recordings as .wav files or encrypted files via email.  Text file information can be transferred via the serial port for use in spreadsheet applications. Calls can be monitored or replayed from the Total Recall unit when connected by the serial link and controlled by the PC running Remote Recall

Total Recall Voice Logger

 Total Recall – Audio Input/Playback/Archive to CD/Export to PC


Total Recall is easy to configure and operate, using an intuitive method for navigation through the 3 user menus, and a contact keypad for selecting or confirming an instruction.

There are three user selectable menus:

LOGGING - current call activity and enabling Live Monitoring.

SEARCH – call search and playback via internal/external speaker.

OPTIONS control system parameters — set language, date & time, passwords, set line triggering mode, enable call monitoring, enable beep tone, set archive reminder and auto archive, set maximum call length, set voice-activation timeout, set recording period, install system software upgrades, rebuild call database, set recorder ID, and system shut down.

There are four navigation keys:

MENU – this key is used to step through the four menus.

SELECT – once the highlight bar has been placed over an area, this key either toggles through pre-selected values or it enables a value to be entered via the numeric keypad.

UP /DOWN ARROW – these 2 keys move the cursor or highlight bar up or down the selected menu.

Password Protection:

Password protection is required to activate all three User Menus.  The numeric password (up to 8 digits in length) is set and changed in the Configuration Menu. There are two passwords, Administrator and User. Only the Administrator has access to the Options Menu and only the Administrator has the ability to Manually Archive and delete calls. All other functionality (including Manual Archive and retain the calls on the hard drive) are available with the User Password.

System Alarms:

To assist the Total Recall user, a number of audible (beep) and visual alarms are featured.

A description of the active alarm is displayed in the status line at the bottom of the Logging Menu.

Alarms include

- Change or insert CD-R

- Hard disk is full (or near full)

- Temperature alarm


There are three main menus; Options, Search, and Logging.



Set Language, Time & Date, and Passwords


Set Line Triggering, enable Call Monitoring, enable Beep Tone


Set Archive Reminder and Auto Archive


Set Maximum Call Length, VOX Timeout and Recording Period

System Maintenance

Install system software upgrades, rebuild call database, set Recorder ID

System Shut Down

Shut down the system



Set search parameters and search the database or archived CD

Tag All

Tag / Untag found calls


Manually archive calls to CD


Playback calls found through the search process





Enter password to access the menus


View current call data, call activity, and status line


Set Live Monitoring (if enabled)


Playback selected calls


Tag / Untag calls


Remote Recall is a client software module supplied with Total Recall.

Calls that have been recorded on Total Recall can be replayed on a local or remote multimedia PC with Remote Recall installed.  Archived calls on CD-R are transferred across to the local PC, converted as regular .wav files, and can then be e-mailed to any remote location for replay.

It is also possible to access the Total Recall text file database from a PC via a serial (RS-232) link.  The link is activated from the PC, and the text file data is downloaded to the Remote Recall database where it can be stored, or used for call accounting purposes


 Remote Recall

The Remote Recall software is loaded from the CD-R supplied with Total Recall, and is supported under Windows 95/98/NT/XP on the client PC.

Once a search has been activated, the results are shown in the window (above), and calls can then be tagged for replay via the multimedia PC speakers.

If a call needs to be sent to a remote site, the process requires the selected call(s) to be copied (via ‘Drag & Drop’) to the ‘desktop’ or attached to an e-mail document and transmitted as a normal (.wav) file attachment.

The ‘Drag & Drop’ process will only transfer uncompressed (.wav) files, so the user may need to compress the files as e-mail attachments before sending across the Internet.

Calls can be monitored or replayed from the Total Recall unit when connected by the serial link and controlled by the PC running Remote Recall.



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