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4 to 72 channels
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Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975



Totally self-contained, affordable, easy to 
install, operate, upgrade, and purchase.

Automatic Recording of ALL Calls - Total Recall
will automatically capture and securely record all phone or radio conversations which can be recalled 
whenever verification is required. Total Recall can also be used as a training 
and evaluation tool for staff who regularly conduct business with customers
by telephone and two-way radio.

Large Capacity Database - if a dispute or emergency arises, you can recall relevant recordings from the Total Recall database which holds over 1600 channel hours of conversations. Recordings can be selected by Date, Time, Phone number or Channel number for instant retrieval and replay.

Compact Desktop Unit - comprises 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels in a single desktop unit. Use multiple units for higher capacity. No software installation or external hardware is required.

Multiple Recording Inputs - Total Recall will record from any audio source on a channel selective basis, including telephone, radio, microphone, intercom and more. It’s also possible to ‘live monitor’ calls on a channel selective basis.

Replay Options - selected recordings can be replayed via an internal speaker,
 an external speaker or headphones. For replay on a PC, install the Remote 
software supplied with Total Recall. Remote Recall reads from an 
Archived CD and converts recordings for replay on a PC. It also enables the 
transfer of recordings as .wav files or encrypted files via email. Text file 
information can be transferred via the serial port for use in spreadsheet 
applications. Calls can also be monitored, played, or searched and played 
directly from the PC when it is connected to Total Recall with the supplied 
serial cable.

Archive for Security - calls that need to be retained for longer periods can 
be automatically or selectively archived to an internal CD-R and kept indefinitely.
Individual calls, or groups of calls, can be manually selected or tagged and copied
to CD-R. Each inexpensive CD can hold up to 180 hours of conversations.

Now you can be sure of
exactly what was
said with...


User Definable Options - recording can be set to off-hook or VOX, and 
a beep-tone is selective by channel. Password security ensures complete management control of the voice logger. Software updates are field upgradeable.

There are three
user selectable menus:

current call activity and enabling Live Monitoring.

SEARCH call search and playback via internal/external speaker.

OPTIONS control system parameters — set language, date & time, passwords, set line triggering mode, enable call monitoring, enable beep tone, set archive reminder and auto archive, set maximum call length, set voice-activation timeout, set recording period, install system software upgrades, rebuild call database, set recorder ID, and system shut down.


Three simple navigation keys:

This key is used to toggle through the four user menus.
This key is used to select an option, or toggle through a list of options.
These 2 keys move the highlight bar up or down.

Five control keys:
Reverse back through a call, and back to previous calls.


Play the current selected call. Pause and restart.

Fast forward through a call, and skip to next call.

High speed forward through a call, and jump to next call.

Numeric Keypad and LEDs:

0 to 9 number 
keys, including
× and # 
are used for entering 
search information, 
tagging calls, and 
other data entry 

Red to indicate hard
drive activity. Green to 
indicate all components 


Remote Recall
for replaying calls on your PC...


Recordings that have been logged with Total Recall and archived to CD-R can
be replayed on any PC running Windows 95/98/NT/XP. Remote Recall software is included. Use it to search, play and email recordings from archive CD-Rs. Use the supplied cable to connect Total Recall to a serial port on your PC and download the call database, search calls, and select calls for playback directly from Total Recall.


Remember, you do not need a computer or Remote Recall to install and operate your Total Recall digital audio logger.

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Total Recall...
is a compact multi-channel logging recorder with built-in display and simple navigation keys. You can listen to monitored conversations live or replay them from the internal hard drive that holds 1600 hours of conversations. Archive all or selected conversations to inexpensive compact disks with the touch of a few simple buttons — 
up to 180 hours on a standard recordable CD that
costs less than one dollar.

Play the archival CDs in the unit or use the supplied Remote Recall software to 
play them on your computer. Search for conversations by time, date, extension 
or line number, caller ID, DTMF data, etc. There’s a serial port that lets you 
transfer information about the recordings to a spreadsheet or database.

Expandable from 4, to 8, 12, or 16 channels, each channel has a modular jack 
for direct connection to a phone line, analog phone extension, phone handset 
(analog or digital phone), two-way radio, broadcast audio source, room 
monitoring microphone, etc.

Additional features include: password security (User & Administrator), recording 
beep option, WAV compatible recordings with text file headers, call tagging, voice-activation, graphical view of channel activity, monitor and replay using 
internal speaker or headphones.

Total Recall
recorders are available in 4, 8, 12, and
16 channel packages that include:
Remote Recall PC software
Serial cable—2 meters - RJ45 to DB9-F,
Power Cord, Manual, and
12 Month Limited Warranty.
And a complementary start-up pack with
an extra copy of the user manual, an 18' 
phone line input cable with T-adapter for
each input jack, and five recordable CDs.
When requested, TSA-3LM handset 
connection adapters may be substituted 
for the phone line cables.

Total Recall
features include:

Designed to provide quality recordings of phone conversations or any audio signal.

It records digitally (records direct to a
hard drive in compressed file format).

It starts and stops recording by voice- activation (VOX) or Off-Hook activation.

It has a serial connection for interface
to a PC (to facilitate call accounting)
and rapid playback of conversations
from the remote PC.

It has a high compression factor, resulting in a large capacity storage capability.

It has a facility to live monitor calls.

All channels can be configured and
managed selectively.

It is compact, self contained, and easy to install, maintain, upgrade, and operate.

Over 1600 hours of on-line storage.

Calls will replay instantly from an internal hard drive.

You can search the database by date, time, number (in/out) or channel.
LCD screen with simple navigation keys.

Caller ID (CID) capture of incoming call
numbers (CID service required).

Built in compact disk recorder (CD-R).
Remote Recall software — replay calls
from your Windows based computer.

WAV compatible recordings with text file headers can be emailed from your PC.

Archive all or selected calls to CD-R.

Recording ‘Beep’ option is standard.

Password security (User & Admin.).

Call Tagging.

Total Recall can be configured
to record from various
signal sources:

An analog telephone line.

An analog telephone extension line.

A telephone handset, either analog
or digital (via handset splitter).

A digital extension line, using digital
to analog converters.

A radio or other audio signal presented
as a 2-wire analog interface.

There are four versions
of Total Recall:

A 4-channel version. Part # TR-04.

An 8-channel version. Part # TR-08.
A 12-channel version. Part # TR-12.

A 16-channel version. Part # TR-16.

The 4, 8, and 12 channel versions
can be upgraded to a maximum of
16 channels. Use multiple units to
provide additional channel capacity


Number of Channels: 4, 8, 12 or 16

Security: Password required to|
               operate all menus.

Coding Method: 8kbps High Quality
              Vector Quantisation.

Line Impedance AC: 6k ohm

Line Impedance DC: 10M ohm

Frequency Response: 300 - 3400 Hz,
             +/- 0.5dBm

Signal to Noise: -34dBm

Crosstalk: -60dBm

Record (beep) Tone: 1.4kHz channel 
              and level selectable (Off,
               -33dBm, -27dBm, -21dBm).

Recording Trigger: Off-Hook or VOX
              (adjustable) VOX Hi -12dBm,
              VOX Mid -23dBm, VOX 
              Low -29dBm.

Internal Storage: Hard Drive.

CD Drive: 650M Bytes IDE, uses 
              CD-R media.

Display: 5" x 2¾" Backlit LCD graphics.

Power Requirements: 100VAC
~260VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz.
Max Line Voltage: Max tip to ring voltage
              DC 250VDC. Max tip to ring
              voltage AC 150V rms. Max 
              tip to ground voltage DC
              1500VDC. Max tip to ground
              voltage AC 1000V rms.

Analog Ports: 4, 8, 12 or 16 line input
              channels, Line out jack 
              (3.5 mm phono jack),
              Headphone jack (3.5 mm
              phono jack).

Serial Interface: Serial line interface
              RS232 (RJ45 connector), 
              Baud Rate is 57.6 kbs.

System Software: Field upgradeable
              via CD ROM.

Operating System: OS/2 Warp 4 IBM.

Warranty: Twelve month, limited.

Size & Weight: 14½" x 14½" x 6½",
              11½ lb net.

Manufactured by: Arunta Comsec,
              NSW, Australia
Distributed by: Omnicron Electronics,
              Putnam, CT U.S.A.

Total Recall comes with connecting cables that are suitable for most applications. For unusual installations, these cables can be replaced with other cables or accessories.

Contact your Total Recall
representative if you have any
questions or for assistance in
selecting the proper cables or
adapters for your application.

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Contact your Total Recall representative for assistance in the
selection of a recorder and accessories that will exactly
match your voice logging requirements.

It is illegal in the USA to record conversations unless at least one of the participants is aware that the conversation is being recorded. The user should check local and state laws, and is responsible for the lawful use of audio recorders.  



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