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TCC-14 Talking Time Clock photo
Talking Time Clock

   RBUTTON.GIF (1624 bytes)  Time Logging the sensible way  RBUTTON.GIF (1624 bytes)
Natural sounding voice,
user selectable - 12 or 24 hour format,
seconds, month, day, year, etc.
Click here for PDF TCC-14 pages Page 1, Page 2.


The TCC-14 Talking Clock/Calendar from OMNICRON Electronics provides a truly practical way to log the time of day and date on magnetic tape. When used with an OMNICRON voice logging recorder, you will have documentation of exactly when each conversation was recorded. The recorded announcements of the time and date not only verify when conversations are recorded, they permit you to easily locate previously recorded conversations.

The TCC-14 was designed for use in emergency dispatch centers where it is vital that all telephone and two-way radio conversations be documented. You must know exactly what is said, who says it, and when. With the Talking Clock/Calendar connected to your logging recorder, not only will you have this information, you will be able to prove it.

The TCC-14 is also ideal for use in other applications requiring accurate and reliable announcements of the time or time and date, e.g., Dial-up Telephone Time Services, Telephone Answering Machines, Radio Telephone and Paging Services, Automated Radio Stations, Railroad Hot-box Reporting Systems, Government and Industrial Radio Services, Telephone Banking Services, Brokerage Houses, Order Taking Departments, Training, Supervisory Monitoring of telephone conversations, Documentation of two-way radio interference, etc. Verbal announcements are a sensible and easily under-stood way to record time and date information. No special decoding circuitry is needed when you play back your tapes. As with all Omnicron products, the TCC-14 Time Source does not have any problems with the year 2000. 


HOW IT WORKS            Click here for sample announcement      

The vocabulary of the clock is produced electronically by a solid-state microprocessor-controlled speech synthesizer. Its distinctive male voice is clear and unambiguous: "FOUR FIFTY THREE P.M. — SEPTEMBER TWELVE,  — NINE EIGHT" etc.  Internal option switches allow you to customize the announcements to meet your special needs, i.e., select 12 or 24 hour time format, insert a beep prior to each announcement, delete the date announcement, select seconds to be announced with the time, select on demand or continuously repeating announcements, select the year to be announced after date, etc.



If your recorders have a separate channel dedicated to time documentation, such as the Omnicron recorders with the "CT" (Clock Track) option, only one TCC-14 set to continuously repeat the time would be required for up to 50 recorders in the same location. If your application requires a single announcement of the time to be recorded on the same channel as the conversation, such as with a modified answering machine where the time will be announced immediately after each recording, a separate clock will be required for each recorder and factory installed option "TCC-A" will be required.



With Omnicron recorders, you simply connect the cable supplied with your recorder to the clock and plug the other end of the cable into the "CLOCK" jack on the recorder. No special tools or skills are required. If the clock is to be connected to other makes of logging recorders or with a telephone answering machine, installation and any modifications required would be arranged through the supplier of your ancillary equipment.



l Built-in "back-up" battery prevents time loss during power failures or interruptions.
l Easy time setting, verbal confirmation of all steps.
l Built-in speaker to monitor time/date announcements.
l Push-to-test switch for activation in on-demand mode.
l "LED" clock power status indicator light.
l Quartz-crystal time keeping accuracy.
l Low-power AC or DC operation.
l Automatic leap year correction.



POWER: 110 VAC 50/60 Hz, or 12 VAC/DC, 6 watts
SIZE: 7-3/4" W x 3-1/2" H x 8-1/4" D, 6 lbs.
ACCURACY: Within +/- 15 seconds per month at 25C
WARRANTY: Limited, 1 year parts and labor



TCC-A: Factory installed circuitry to provide an optically isolated sensing circuit (external 5-15v AC/DC triggers an announcement when the voltage drops), and DPDT relay which is activated when the clock is talking. This option is required if the clock is used in applications which require a switched on-demand time announcement.

TCC-B: Factory installed rechargeable battery and charging circuitry which automatically takes over during external power loss and powers all clock functions for up to 4 hours. This option keeps the clock talking during short power outages.

TCC-C: Factory installed circuitry provides adjustable announcement repeat rate between ten and forty seconds. Used with multi-channel digital logging recorders to minimize recording time. It backs up the digital time, and permits you to easily copy recordings with the time. Click here for additional TCC-14C features.


Contact your OMNICRON representative with any questions and to review your application.

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