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and optional PZ-2L MICROPHONE
Omnicron CR-1 Conference Recorder with PZ-2L Microphone

Now you can have a quality room recording system
without the cost and complexity of old technology.


Omnicron has matched its professional voice recorder to a professional Pressure Zone Microphone®. The amazing clarity that results will completely reshape your ideas about room monitoring and recording.

Pressure zone recording is a dramatic breakthrough which eliminates the hollow sound associated with standard microphones. The distance between the microphone and the sound source has no effect on the quality of the sound reproduction.

Conventional microphones have always been hindered by interference between the sound coming directly from the source and reflected sounds. These sounds reach the microphone at slightly different times, resulting in reinforcement of some frequencies, canceling of others, producing an overall unnatural sound from distant sources.

The PZM® design of the PZ-2L microphone eliminates this interference by using the sound waves, which reinforce themselves near a flat surface, to achieve amazing sound reproduction. This is the same technology that has made the new teleconferencing systems possible.

A low noise line level amplifier is built into the microphone housing. The PZ-2L is powered by the recorder. It provides a high level output which permits long cable runs and maintains the high signal to noise ratio.

Standard four conductor telephone cable is used to connect the PZ-2L microphone to the CR-1 (standard speed) or CR-4 (¼ speed) recorders. The cable length can easily be extended up to 100' using standard RJ-11 telephone cables. You can use a T adapter, such as the Omnicron MTJ-3, to connect two PZ-2L microphones to the recorder simultaneously.

The recorder has both a fast response automatic level control circuit and manual record level control. The resulting recordings are vastly superior to recordings made with standard microphones and consumer cassette recorders.

The recorder can be switched between standard speed or ¼ speed record and playback. One quarter speed recording provides four hours of recording time on each side of a 120 minute tape. You will not understand tapes recorded at the ¼ speed if you play them in a standard speed cassette player.


l Available for either Standard speed (1-7/8 ips) or Slow Speed (15/32 ips) Recording and playback l End-of-tape alarm prevents missed recordings, with on/off l ¼" Jack for use with PZ-2L microphone, provides for audio connection and power l 3.5mm Jacks for external standard microphone and auxiliary audio source l Powerful 1-watt RMS amplifier for crisp, clear, distortion-free sound l ¼" External Speaker Jack l Two ¼" Headphone Jacks l LED record level indicator l Automatic Tape Stop and power shut-off in all modes l Full Range Volume and Tone Controls l Pause Control instantly stops tape l Public Address capability to monitor external audio at any time, with on/off switch l 2X ANSI Digital Tape Counter l 3-Prong Attached AC Power Cord l Retractable Carrying Handle l Supplied with one MLC-120 Cassette Tape l Power: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz 10 watts, or 6 "C" cell batteries l Record System: Half Track, AC bias l S/N Ratio: Standard Speed is 42 dB, Slow Speed is 38 dB l Frequency Response: 125 Hz to 10 kHz @ 1-7/8 ips (CR-1), 125 Hz to 6 kHz @ 15/32 ips (CR-4) l Size: 7¾" x 11½" x 2¾" l Weight: 4 lb l 1 year limited warranty.


PZM® technology provides: 6 dB more sensitivity l 6 dB less noise l a wide smooth frequency response free of phase interference l consistent pickup anywhere around the microphone l Built-in amplifier, rolls off frequencies below the voice range to reduce rumble from machinery, air conditioning, etc. l Because of its tailored frequency response and PZM® construction, the PZ-2L picks up conversations with extra clarity l Designed for room monitoring, it looks like a wall switch not a microphone l Can be mounted in a ceiling or wall using a standard electrical outlet box l Supplied with 25' microphone to recorder cable and a 25' extension cable l Additional extension cables are available l 1 year limited warranty.


Element: Pressure Zone Electret Condenser l Frequency Response: 80-20,000 Hz l S/N Ratio: 68 dB l Polar Pattern: Hemispherical l Impedance: 75 ohms l Output Level: 1.4 V/Pa (+3 dB re 1 VPa) l Maximum SPL: 100 dB 3% THD l Equivalent Noise Level: Less than 26 dB, A weighted l Power: supplied by the CR-1 recorder through the microphone cable, or 9-24 VAC/DC, 4 ma l Dimensions: 2" x 3" x 4¾" l Net Weight: 6 oz without cable l Color: Microphone and Cable are Ivory.

PZM® and Pressure Zone Microphone® are registered trademarks of Crown International, Inc. The PZM® microphone used in the PZ-2L is manufactured by Crown International, Inc.

l Standard Speed Conference Recorder without external microphone.
CR-4     l Slow Speed Conference Recorder without external Microphone.
PZ-2L         l Extra Pressure Zone Microphone® for use with "CR"  Recorders.

PZ-2LA      l Pressure Zone Microphone® for use with Omnicron VLR Recorders. Includes AC power adapter.   click here for .pdf page 
T25-EXT    l Extra Twenty-five Foot Microphone Extension Cable for PZ-2L or PL-2LA Microphones.

See the Omnicron Logging Recorder accessory page for information on additional products for use with these recorders. Consult your Omnicron representative for assistance and review of your application. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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